This Interactive 3D FlipBook is an interesting piece of software.  It allows you to display various digital files in the form of a virtual, 3D flipbook, simulating the look and feel of a physical document.  It’s very good for magazines, brochures, and media that tend to be printed, as sometimes their layout and charm get lost in translation when viewed digitally.

This plugin is a nice way to bridge the gap between digital and physical media without having to actually print a copy and send it to the person who wants to read it.  It’s also a nice way to make large PDFs less imposing, as this plugin typically displays the flipbooks at a lower zoom level than the default size for most PDF readers.

One important note, however, is that, while well-optimized, the simulation is processed on the user’s computer, and not by the website itself, which means that it may take some time to load, and those with slower computers may have trouble interacting with the flipbook.  Additionally, those with slower connections might have trouble loading each successive page. For this reason, while the plugin does have a built-in print button, it’s a good idea to have a version of your document available in a standard format for users to view.

All said, this is a useful, well-designed plugin, and I’ve had no trouble using it.  Once a page is loaded, it doesn’t seem to need loading again, and the physical simulation appears to work on all but the slowest machines.